Monday, October 11, 2010


This is a backlog. I know mooncake festival is over, but just want to share with you all the mooncakes that I had manage to make this year despite the busy schedule that I had during that period.

This is only a small batch, previously make some but didn't manage to take pictures of it.

The small one at the centre are butter cheese lotus paste moon cake. The big one are normal single egg yolk white lotus paste mooncake.
Notice the height difference in these 2 mooncakes? The higher one is 4 egg yolks while the shorter one is only 2 egg yolks.

The inside of the single egg yolk white lotus paste mooncake.

The inside of the butter cheese white lotus paste mooncake.

This is peanut pandan snow skin mooncake.

The inside of the peanut pandan snow skin mooncake.

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