Monday, August 16, 2010

Flowers cake

I have been making a lot of flowers recently. This is another one. It's was for my hubby friend's mother in law 76th Birthday. They wanted a durian cake.

Aeroplane Cake

This is another first attempt, an aeroplane cake. My friend place this cake order from me. She said, her son wanted an aeroplane cake. I immediately promise her as I've seen aeroplane cake before (on the internet). The overall result is fine, except for some flaw. Most importantly, the comment is the boy was smiling when he saw the cake.

Here's the pic of the cake.

2 tier Mini Bear Cake

My friend wanted me to bake her daughter a birthday cake. They went to the library and borrow some books to look for design. Her daughter gave me a few choice and this is the one that I made for her. Though I had went for the cake decorating course, this is still my first attempt on making figurine.

The below cake picture was taken by my friend.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Kitty Cake

Here's another order that I did recently. It's my first attempt on Hello Kitty cake. For Hello Kitty fans, if my cake doesn't look cute and nice to you, pls give me comments so I can improve on it.


Rencently have some order for tiramisu. Noramlly for my own consumption, I will not do any decoration. Since it's for order, I just do some simple piping on to the cake.