Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picture of Standard Cakes

These are some of the standard cakes that I have made. They are simple without any decoration.

Chocolate Banana Cake
Chocolate Cream Cheese
Mango Yoghurt Cake

Chocolate Blueberry
Chocolate Oreo Cream cake
 If I have a chance, will try to take pictures of the cut cake. So far did not manage to, cos everytime after singing and photo session, everyone will be excited to cut and eat the cake.

Race Car

I did this cake for my husband's son - his nephew. Now is the exam period, his mother is busy coaching him in study. Nevertheless, she still remember her son birthday. Called me up few days back to make a cake for her son. She let me decide on whatever design I want to make. This is it, I made a race car cake.

Monday, October 11, 2010


This is a backlog. I know mooncake festival is over, but just want to share with you all the mooncakes that I had manage to make this year despite the busy schedule that I had during that period.

This is only a small batch, previously make some but didn't manage to take pictures of it.

The small one at the centre are butter cheese lotus paste moon cake. The big one are normal single egg yolk white lotus paste mooncake.
Notice the height difference in these 2 mooncakes? The higher one is 4 egg yolks while the shorter one is only 2 egg yolks.

The inside of the single egg yolk white lotus paste mooncake.

The inside of the butter cheese white lotus paste mooncake.

This is peanut pandan snow skin mooncake.

The inside of the peanut pandan snow skin mooncake.

Car Cake

This is a cake that I did for a boy last week. He wanted a cake with car. Initially I made the cake with whipped cream, but somehow it didn't turn out nice. So in the end, I redo the cake again and covered it with fondant this time. Somehow, it look better than the previously one. This is my first car cake.

Sorry for the shadow in the cake. It was very rush that day as I had to redo the car and delivery out, so did not manage to take a better picture of it.

Garden Theme Cake

My daughter told me she wants to celebrate her birthday in the school with all her friends. So I have to make another cake for her to bring school. As I mention previously, timing is quite tight for me, but in the end still manage to make this cake for her.

It's really stress, as I had an exam the night before she celebrate her birthday in the school. After exam, still have to rush back to make her this cake. While the cake is still inside the oven, I'm still thinking what theme do I want to make. Finally decided on this theme.
The front was a bit empty cos need to put the princess figurines plus candles on it.

Below are the back and side view of the cake.

Castle Cake

Time really fly very fast. It's my daughters' birthday again. This year I didn't really have much time to think of what design to make for them cos my helper was not in town. So I made use of the cake decorating kit that I bought last year to make a castle cake for them.

It's really  a breeze to make this cake as I don't have to decorate it so much. Below is a picture of the cake.

I don't have the time to take picture, print it out and put it on the cake, so in the end, my husband suggested, let my elder daughter draw a picture of herself and mei mei, then put it on the cake.

Yacht Cake

This cake was for my husband's boss birthday. It's the biggest cake that I had ever made so far. The cake weigh almost 15kg.

My husband's colleagues and lady boss don't have a theme for me. I had to do a search as to what theme to make. Finally decided on the yacht and came out with this design.

Here's the pictures of the yacht cake.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Flowers cake

I have been making a lot of flowers recently. This is another one. It's was for my hubby friend's mother in law 76th Birthday. They wanted a durian cake.

Aeroplane Cake

This is another first attempt, an aeroplane cake. My friend place this cake order from me. She said, her son wanted an aeroplane cake. I immediately promise her as I've seen aeroplane cake before (on the internet). The overall result is fine, except for some flaw. Most importantly, the comment is the boy was smiling when he saw the cake.

Here's the pic of the cake.

2 tier Mini Bear Cake

My friend wanted me to bake her daughter a birthday cake. They went to the library and borrow some books to look for design. Her daughter gave me a few choice and this is the one that I made for her. Though I had went for the cake decorating course, this is still my first attempt on making figurine.

The below cake picture was taken by my friend.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Kitty Cake

Here's another order that I did recently. It's my first attempt on Hello Kitty cake. For Hello Kitty fans, if my cake doesn't look cute and nice to you, pls give me comments so I can improve on it.


Rencently have some order for tiramisu. Noramlly for my own consumption, I will not do any decoration. Since it's for order, I just do some simple piping on to the cake.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Present Cake

Yesterday, I did a mango yoghurt cake for the party at home. Wanted to try making a bow with whipped cream. Here is it, a present cake.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Durian Cake for MIL

Now is the durian season, my mother in law bought a lot of durian and she even peel off all the durian meat for me to make durian cake. Since her birthday is round the corner, I made a durian cake for her.

Chocolate Banana Cake

After the durian basket weave cake, I did another similar cake but in different flavour, it's chocolate banana cake. This time the cake was for my husband's lady boss. Hope she like it.

Durian Cake for My Mum

Finally got enough durian to make the durian cake for my Mum this weekend. Decided to practise my basket weave and roses this time. This is the first time I'm using whipped cream to do the roses. As I have a warm hands, I really have to work fast if not the cream will start to melt.

New Year Cake

This year, we had a count down party at my husband's friend house. So I decided to make a black forest cake for the party. A very simple cake and everybody enjoyed it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Basketweave Cake

After eating the cake that I made for my daughters' birthday, my husband's friend order a small cake for his wife birthday. Since it's for his wife, I decided to make a basket weave cake for her. At the same time, also practise my skill.

Mini Tier Cake

A lot of my friends can't make it to attend my daughters' birthday party. But we don't want to miss the chance of having a gathering. So on the following weekend, we had another celebration for my elder daughter, which is her actual birthday.

I made a mini tier cake for that day, a 6" and 4" cake. Can't remember the flavour but overall everybody like it.
Note : This is the cake that I did last year. Now have to start thinking for this year cake.

Princess Cake for my 2 daughters

After attending the Cake Decorating Course last year, I decided to make the birthday cake myself for my daughters. Saw the Debbie Brown's book in the library. so decided to make something like it for their birthday. However, I need to do some practise before the actual one.  Bought the small Barbie doll and make a trial cake.

Of course on the actual day, can't have this small little cake for all my guests. Below is the actual one and much bigger version of birthday cake for them in last year.