Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First Post

I choose to have my first post today cos it's a special day. Today is both my husband and myself birthday. And it's also Fathers' Day celebration.

Last night, I made 2 cakes for today celebration. One is a simple Tiramisu cake (my husband's favourite) and the other one is a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate cream cheese.

This morning, we brought the Tiramisu cake to my in law place to celebrate for my father in law. Tonight, I'm going to bring the other cake to my sister's house to celebrate for my father and also my husband's birthday.

The picture show is the chocolate sponge cake with chocolate cream cheese filling. The design I get it from a cake magazine. The difference is that I use whipped cream to decorate instead of using fondant. My family don't like fondant, especially my husband. I told him to peel it off when eating. But he say, he rather not eat it, so troublesome. Sign.....

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